Hi Friends,

Last fall, when Ivy and Bean Take the Case was published, I traveled all around the country, visiting schools, talking about the new book, and answering kids’ questions. Usually, the second question the kids asked me—after the perennial favorite “How old are you?”—was “What’s the next Ivy and Bean book going to be about?”

At that point, I would begin stuttering and mumbling: Well. Uh. I, um, I’m taking a break. I’m not going to write an Ivy and Bean book next year.

Then the kids would yell at me for a while: We want another one! Go home and write! You should write 137 books!

I’d try to argue: Ten books is a lot! Look how heavy they are! I can barely pick them up.

They’d yell: Ten books is hardly any! I can read an Ivy and Bean book in one day!

After about five minutes of getting yelled at, I’d say: Fine—if you think it’s so easy-peasy, write one yourselves!

Okay, they’d say.

Really? I’d say. How cool!

So I decided to help them out a little. Ivy + Bean + Me is an Ivy and Bean book for kids to write themselves. It’s got Ivy and Bean questions (Would You Rather Eat an Ant or a Feather?). It’s got writing prompts (Something I Did That Was Probably Not a Good Idea). It’s got suggestions for having fun (Think Like a Carrot). And it’s got a few Ivy and Bean story beginnings, for kids to finish themselves.

When they’re finished, the kids will have a new Ivy and Bean book. And they’ll be the authors. I, on the other hand, will be napping.

It’s a good deal all around.

Have fun!

Annie Barrows

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