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Let's Draw and Doodle Together

Let's Draw and Doodle Together

Blue Apple Books

By Elise Gravel

Inside this clever and innovative activity book, each spread becomes a shared creative adventure. Draw airplanes or cars, birds or shapes, even each other! Great for long car or plane rides, rainy afternoons, or sharing with grandparents. An expandable inner pocket is included for treasured drawings. A perfect keepsake!

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Size: 9 x 11 in;
Pages: 96 pp;
spiral-bound notebook with storage pocket, full-color illustrations, Ages 4-6
Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2010
ISBN: 9781609050429
ISBN10: 1609050428
Elise Gravel is both a graphic designer and accomplished illustrator. She has written and illustrated several books for children in both French and English, including Super-Dude, Super-Gizmo, Super-Thingamagig, Le Catalogue des Gaspilleurs, and J'élève mon Monstre. Elise lives with her family in Montreal, Canada.