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Moleskine® Light Metal Roller Pen - Medium tip 0.7 mm

Moleskine® Light Metal Roller Pen - Medium tip 0.7 mm


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The Moleskine Writing Collection has
something for everyone. All metal,
all synthetic or a combination of both,
and with interchangeable ink refills,
you can mix and match writing tools to
suit varying needs and tastes. From your
thoughts to your hand to the paper,
your creativity is unbounded.

The Light Metal Roller Pen has a metal body
and cap with ABS matte black trim. The
design of the rubberized grey metal clip allows
the pen to attach neatly to the Moleskine hard
cover notebook. Can be used with any and all
Moleskine refills (Roller Gel standard colors,
Fluo colors, new Ballpoint refills).


- black roller gel ink

- refillable with all
Moleskine refills

- metal body with ABS
matte black trims

- rubberized grey metal clip,
especially designed to be
attached to the Moleskine
hard cover notebook

- available in fine (0.5 mm)
and medium (0.7) point

- reusable packaging

- suitable for pen holder

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Publication: April 2013
ISBN: 9788866138020
ISBN10: 8866138029

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