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Living Wild: Sea Turtles

Living Wild: Sea Turtles

By Melissa Gish


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The engineering skills of beavers, the showy plumage of flamingos, and the defining characteristics of six other fascinating animals are explored in the newest titles in the Living Wild series. Vivid photographs help take readers on a virtual field study to observe the life cycle and behaviors of each featured mammal, bird, and amphibian. Each book also looks at past and present scientific research and includes a unique storytelling element in the form of an animal tale drawn from mythology or folklore. Progressively complex text draws readers into this mainstay life science series, incorporating social studies, history, fine arts and pop culture. In this title take a scientific look at sea turtles, including their habitats, physical characteristics such as their shells, behaviors, relationships with humans, and protection of the swimming reptiles in the world today.

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Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2015
ISBN: 9781628320053