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Made in China

Made in China

By Reed Darmon


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Made in China is a fun-filled, action-packed journey into the heart of Chinese pop culture. For Asia-philes, designers, and pop culture junkies, designer Reed Darmon has collected the most colorful (and in some cases, the kookiest) Chinese ephemera in this chunky paperback. Candy wrappers, firecrackers, Chairman Mao heads, and more! These objects are a testament to the age-old Chinese fascination with vivid hues and whimsical figures. Even humdrum, everyday items such as matchbooks and sock labels are decorated with exuberant illustration. A stylishly designed object and graphic essay in one, Made in China is a kaleidoscope of playful graphics and vibrant design, from the post-revolution '50s through today.

More Details

Size: 4-1/2 x 5-7/8 in;
Pages: 225 pp;
250 color illustrations
Format: Paperback
Publication: February 2004
ISBN: 9780811842020
ISBN10: 811842029
Reed Darmon , an award-winning graphic designer for the Oregonian, is creator of the Made in China line from Chronicle Gift.

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