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Make & Do

Make & Do

25 Amazing Projects to Beautify Your Life

By Beci Orpin


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Make & Do is filled with inspiration and crafty ideas, along with projects designed by Beci, and this time Beci focuses on creating objects from different raw materials such as fabric, paper and wood. Each chapter is dedicated to one of these mediums, along with a chapter for repurposing existing objects - no more will your Ikea furniture look the same as everybody else's!

The chapters are filled with photos and quirky illustrations from Beci, and visual step-by-step guides showing how to complete each project. Learn how to make marble paper, try your hand at paper mache taxidermy, wow your friends with customized tote bags or enhance your wardrobe with pretty bespoke collars and brooches. Beci's ideas are beautiful and endless, inspiring you to get creative and see everyday materials and objects in a whole new light.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2015
ISBN: 9781742708416