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Manly Food

Manly Food

Quadrille Publishing

By Simon Cave, Photographs by Beth Evans


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A book of strong and masculine flavors, Manly Food is a feast of high quality recipes and expert instruction, designed to appeal to the tastes and interests of men. The 18 chapters are arranged by areas of interest, including Pure Meat, Manly Cocktails, Chili and Spice as well as by occasion, including Grill and Barbecue, Fast Food, TV Dinners, and Hangover Cures, giving the reader a collection of recipes perfect for entertaining crowds, finding an impressive menu for two, or just how to cook the perfect burger. There are 200 recipes, and the book also contains a butchery guide as well as other useful tips on building a barbecue from scratch or sharpening knives.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: May 2016
ISBN: 9781849497312
Simon Cave is a food writer and blogger. He credits his food-obsessed, well-traveled parents with teaching him how to cook. Simon is passionate about seeking out and cooking quality food from around the world, but first and foremost, his love is for straightforward home-prepared food done well.

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