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Matching Game Book: Animals

Matching Game Book: Animals

Twirl Books

By Julie Mercier


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Parents are forever looking for things to keep children entertained while on a road trip—whether it's a 10-minute ride to Grandma's house or a flight across the country! They'll find the perfect solution in Twirl's new Matching Game Book series. Learning while playing is the name of the game while children are expanding their knowledge of animals, training their visual memory, increasing their attention to detail; and building vocabulary. Children can slide the panels to find matching pairs; spot the animals in the big picture; identify animals by their characteristics; play hide-and seek with the matching pairs, or even come up with games of their own! A terrific book for travel or take-along!

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Pages: 12 pp;
Format: Board Book
Publication: May 2018
ISBN: 9782745995483
Julie Mercier is the illustrator of numerous books for children. Her work can also be found in magazines and posters. She lives in Paris, France.