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Modern Modular: The Prefab Houses of Resolution: 4 Architecture

Modern Modular: The Prefab Houses of Resolution: 4 Architecture

Princeton Architectural Press

Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz


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Architects of the Dwell House, Resolution: 4 Architects has designed and built more than fifteen prefab homes. Instead of designing "the home" and then trying to invent a system of production, Resolution: 4 Architecture developed "a system of design," the MODERN MODULAR, based on their prefab research and residential experience. By responding to each individual client and site specifically, it is their intention to create an architecture, not merely a product. Their resultant prefab explorations, RES4 PREFABS, is based on their concept, or theory, of the MODERN MODULAR, a systematic methodology of design that attempts to leverage existing methods of prefabrication. The MODERN MODULAR is comprised of MODULES OF USE, which are A) COMMUNAL MODULES, containing kitchen, dining, and living space, and B) PRIVATE MODULES, containing bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage space. They created a series of TYPOLOGIES, I, II, III, Z, U, O, L schemes, illustrating potential concepts in organization. The size and number of these modules are determined by the client’s needs, while the arrangement and orientation of these modules are determined by the conditions of the site. Thus, each project is specific to each client, site, and budget.

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Publication: November 2013
ISBN: 9781616890513
ISBN10: 1616890517
Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz founded Resolution: 4 Architecture in 1991. Their competition-winning entry for a home sponsored by Dwell magazine in 2003 helped ignite renewed interest in prefabrication. They have since completed several more modular homes, all unique in their layouts and configurations yet born of a shared typological system. Their Dwell Home design is now offered through Empyrean Homes. Tanney received his bachelor and master of architecture degrees from Ohio State University. Luntz earned his bachelor of design in architecture degree from the University of Florida and his master of architecture degree from Columbia University. Prior to forming Resolution: 4 Architecture he was with the offices of Perkins & Will, New York; Gwathmey Siegel and Associates Architects; Beyer Blinder Belle, New York; and McCree Architects, Orlando, Florida.