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More Scenes from the Rural Life

More Scenes from the Rural Life

Princeton Architectural Press

By Verlyn Klinkenborg


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Verlyn Klinkenborg’s regular column, The Rural
, is one of the most read and beloved in the
New York Times. Since 1997, he has written
eloquently on every aspect, large and small, of life
on his upstate New York farm, including his animals,
the weather and landscape, and the trials and
rewards of physical labor, as well as broader issues
about agriculture and land use behind farming
today. Klinkenborg’s pieces are admired as much for
their poetic writing as for their insight: peonies are
“the sheepdog of flowers,” dry snow “tumbles off the
angled end of the plow-blade as if each crystal were
completely independent, almost charged with static
electricity,” and land is most valuable “for its silence,
its freedom from language.” Klinkenborg writes
with a grace and understanding that makes us more
aware of the world around us, whether we live on
a farm or in the middle of a city. More Scenes from
the Rural Life gathers together 150 of his best
pieces since his last collection, The Rural Life,
was published a decade ago. For anybody with an
appreciation of nature, language, or both, this
book is certain to delight.
• Popular The Rural Life column appears on the
New York Times Op-Ed page

• Features illustrations by Nigel Peake, best-selling
author of In the Wilds

• Author of Several Short Sentences on Writing,
recently published by Knopf

• Has taught creative writing at Harvard University,
Pomona College, Bard College, and Columbia

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Size: 6 x 9 in;
Pages: 224 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: May 2013
ISBN: 9781616891565
ISBN10: 1616891564
Klinkenborg is the author of The Rural Life, Making Hay, The Last Fine Time, and Timothy: Or Notes of an Abject Reptile

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