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Mouse House

Mouse House

An Extravagant Lift-the-Flap Hide-and-Seek Adventure
Handprint Books

By Juliet Williams,Set design by Phil LeGris,Photography by Bob Klass


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Caught in their romps by a camera lens, seven little mice are snoozing in the sewing box, getting their paws floury in the kitchen, and riding toy airplanes in the playroom. These are real mice, and they're full of beans. Meet the daredevil who swings on a trapeze in his own mouse-sized bedroom; the messy mouse who leaves a trail of paw prints wherever he goes; the shy mouse whos extra hard to find. A postage stamp here, a button therethese mice are the Borrowers of the animal world, adorning their dollhouse bedrooms with furniture made from everyday objects. With more than seven flaps on every spread, the youngest readers will be busy lifting box lids and opening doors to find those mice. Older readers will pore over the richly detailed background sets time and again, and will enjoy spotting the borrowed objects, in this delight of a book.

With the inventive whimsy of the Look Again books and the vivid complexity of the I-Spy titles, Mouse House offers a brilliant hide-and-seek experience!

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Size: 10 x 10 in;
Pages: 16 pp;
Ages 3-7
Format: Other
Publication: September 2002
ISBN: 9781929766420
ISBN10: 1929766424
Juliet Williams was inspired to write the text by her own very cluttered, but (for now) mouse-free New York apartment.

Phil LeGris is a designer and digital illustrator.

Bob Klass , an expert photographer and master printer of fine arts photographs, who shot the mice in his Brooklyn studio (through a camera lens, inflicting no pain).