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My Furry Valentine

My Furry Valentine

Blue Apple Books

By Deborah Zemke

How do animals say "Be my valentine"? Bees say it with flowers, seagulls by walking on the beach wing in wing, and cows with "moooosic." Die-cuts and flaps throughout reveal animals expressing their love in the cutest ways.

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Size: 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 in;
Pages: 48 pp;
full-color illustrations, all ages
Format: Hardcover
Publication: November 2009
ISBN: 9781934706794
ISBN10: 1934706795
Deborah Zemke has illustrated more than 30 books for children and adults, including picture books, activity books, cookbooks, and business guides. She is also the designer of two illustration fonts for the International Typeface Corporation. She lives and works in Missouri.