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Natural History Museum: The Skull Notebook

Natural History Museum: The Skull Notebook

Quadrille Publishing

Art by Natural History Museum


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The stunning print on this notebook has been sourced from the archives of London's Natural History Museum. Gerardus Sandifort was a Dutch professor of medicine, an anatomist, and a taxidermist. He published throughout his lifetime and his last work, Tabulae Craniorum Diversarum Nationum, was a study of craniums of different races and people across the continents, published in 1834-1843. The detailed skull print on this 128-page lined notebook is Plate 1, Gerardus Sandifort's Tabulae Craniorum Diversarum Nationum, published in 1838.

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Format: Journal
Publication: August 2016
ISBN: 9781849497459

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