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New Homes for Our Little Friends

New Homes for Our Little Friends

Help Our Little Friends Move into Their New Homes (Magnetology)

Twirl Books

By Marie Fordacq, Illustrated by Peggy Nille


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What a mess! Brand new homes, empty rooms: Now what? It's pre-school readers to the rescue as they get to arrange—and re-arrange—all the furniture and accessories in every house on the street. Fifty magnetic pieces to place on magnetized pages—from bathroom rugs to the kitchen sink—that will unleash the inner interior decorator in every four-and five-year-old, whether they're restless in the backseat of the car, bored on a jet plane flight, or simply playing on the living room floor.

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Format: Miscellaneous Novelty
Publication: August 2015
ISBN: 9791027600762
Marie Fordacq is the founder and publisher of Editions Tourbillon in Paris, France.

Peggy Nille has lived and traveled widely from India to Machu Pichu and back to France. A student of the Beaux-Arts de Paris (ENSBA), where she studied painting and design, she has been illustrating full time since 2005.

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