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Nobody’s Secret - Paperback

Nobody’s Secret - Paperback

A Novel of Intrigue and Romance

By Michaela MacColl


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When fifteen-year-old Emily Dickinson meets a mysterious, handsome young man who doesn’t seem to know who she or her family is and playfully refuses to divulge his name, she’s intrigued. She enjoys her secret flirtation with “Mr. Nobody”—until he turns up dead in her family’s pond. She’s stricken with guilt and is determined to discover who this enigmatic stranger was before he’s buried in an anonymous grave, an investigation that takes her deep into town secrets, blossoming romance, and deadly danger. A celebration of Emily Dickinson’s intellect and spunk, this exquisitely written and meticulously researched page-turner will excite fans of mystery, romance, and poetry alike.

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Size: 5 5/8 x 8 1/8 in;
Pages: 264 pp;
Text Level Gradient: Z Ages 12 and up
Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2014
ISBN: 9781452128542
Michaela MacColl studied multidisciplinary history at Vassar College and Yale University. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Connecticut.

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