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Obsessed with Star Wars - Paperback

Obsessed with Star Wars - Paperback

Test Your Knowledge of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Benjamin Harper


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In what detention block was Princess Leia held? What was the diameter of the Death Star? Who retrieved C-3P0's head in the Battle of Geonosis?

These questions and more will challenge even the most die-hard Star Wars® fans. Now available in paperback, this bestselling trivia book of 2,500 original questions covering little-known facts, entertaining quotes, and tough trivia from Star Wars® Episodes I–VI is the ultimate test for the true Star Wars® devotee.


© and TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Used Under Authorization

More Details

Pages: 320 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: August 2015
ISBN: 9781452136332
Benjamin Harper has written more than 25 titles, including three previous Star Wars® trivia books. He is a former editor at Lucas Licensing and currently works at DC Comics.

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