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One Minute

One Minute

By Somin Ahn


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In one minute, you can blink your eyes twenty times, hug your dog, plant seeds, say good-bye, watch the rain, or even save a life. So much can occur in this sliver of time—one minute can feel like a singular experience. This poignant picture book is at once an introduction to time for young readers, an ode to living each moment with purpose, and a thoughtful exploration of how children experience one minute (may it seem short or long) playfully, profoundly, and with a boundless sense of possibility.

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Pages: 36 pp;
Age Range: 2 - 5 years
Format: Hardcover
Publication: November 2016
ISBN: 9781452155647
Somin Ahn is an author and illustrator based in Korea. This is her first book.

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