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Princeton Architectural Press

By Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods is a true visionary, whose drawings are among the richest and passionate as any in the history of architecture. For his first monograph, OneFiveFour, Woods painstakingly drew a book of two-page spreadsthat weave text, architectural elements, math, and physics into a unique vision of a new humanism for the information age. The powerful immediacy of the art makes it one of the most influential books we have ever published. Critic Michael Sorkin says it best: "In the mesmerizing, astonishingly wrought images of Lebbeus Woods...we are plunged into unfamiliar territory, a world of architecture beginning again....His ever-expanding discourse of the almost impossible is aninspiration not just to build, but to think."

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Size: 7 x 10-1/2 in;
Pages: 136 pp;
100 b/w images
Format: Paperback
Publication: February 2011
ISBN: 9780910413800
ISBN10: 910413800