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The Art of Eavesdropping

Hardie Grant Books

By Oslo Davis


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Oslo Davis has made a career of recording his observations of 'life in the city' for us all to enjoy. His Overheard cartoons capture the hilarious and the crazy, banal and sillyness of everyday life. While Oslo snoops on what people are talking about, we get to reflect on, and laugh at, the crazy things that occupy people's minds. The daughter telling her mother not to interfere in party preparations, the fat man pondering what is least bad to eat, the hipster commenting on what is truly hip.

No one escapes Oslo's eavesdropping. Indeed it could have been your conversation that he was listening in on as he wanders city streets...

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Pages: 144 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: January 2018
ISBN: 9781743793640
Oslo Davis is an illustrator, artist and cartoonist. Oslo's work appears regularly in The Age newspaper as well as other magazines and literary journals. He has been commissioned by state galleries, libraries, and universities. He has been awarded a Creative Fellowship and is a former Walkley Award winner. He has authored a number of books, the most recent one, This Annoying Life was published by Chronicle Books in North America.