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PhotoPlay! Doodle. Design. Draw.

PhotoPlay! Doodle. Design. Draw.

By M. J. Bronstein


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Wondrous and wacky photographs paired with quirky, clever prompts make PhotoPlay! a delightful invitation to imaginative exploration! Design an upside-down world, a passing parade, and an underwater garden. Draw a tasty birthday cake for Bob, a pet for Grace, and Ravi’s imaginary friend. This offbeat photo-based doodle book invites creative minds of all ages to draw outside the lens.

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Size: 11 x 9 in;
Pages: 128 pp;
Ages 5 and up
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2014
ISBN: 9781452123417
M. J. Bronstein is known for her unique, hand-colored images and her work with the photographic negative. Her art has been exhibited, published, commissioned, and collected around the world. She is also an art educator for ArtLab, a hands-on education program at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. She lives in Maine.

Media Reviews

"Take a look at this book if you are looking for ways to get kids writing or if you want to set your own imagination free. It’s a treat."
—Joan Kindig, Sagging Bookshelves Blog

"The cool coloring book gets bigger and better."
Cool Mom Picks Blog

" . . .a lively and enticing collection of images to doodle on. . . Total wonder."
The Busy Librarian Blog

". . .a coloring book Renaissance!"
Design Mom Blog

". . .cool, original, stupendous. . . Not your little sister's coloring book."
Kid Lit Reviews Blog