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Over 60 Inspiring Recipes for Pickles, Kimchi, Vinegars & More

By Freddie Janssen


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Not just a nifty way to make sure seasonal produce never goes to waste, fermented food also has incredible health benefits for your gut. It preserves the natural levels of bacteria, vitamins, and enzymes, cleverly converting them into probiotics that are crucial to keeping your tummy ticking over nicely. Rebalancing this bacteria can ward off IBS symptoms, increase your energy levels, and improve skin conditions.

With a stylish package, Ferment teaches home cooks how to reap these health benefits while transforming their everyday meals with an assortment of traditional and more modern pickled delights. Covering pickled vegetables, pickled fruit, kimchi, and drinking vinegars, Ferment shares sixty easy-to-follow and delicious recipes for foods such as sauerkraut, Szechuan pickled watermelon, soy pickled mushrooms, bourbon chili pickles, and more.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: April 2016
ISBN: 9781784880330