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Tortoise Tumble

Get ready to roll with Tortoise Tumble from Ridley’s Games!

Impress your fellow players with your tumbling skills as you roll your tortoises across the garden to score. How and where your tortoises land decides how many points you win, so you’ll want to work out your best tumbling technique as quickly as possible. But be careful not to land on your back—that would be extremely embarrassing. The first player to earn 500 points is the winner and is crowned Top Tortoise Tumbler!

Perfect for friends, families, and lovers of tortoises, it's suitable for ages 8+, 1+ players, has an average 15-minute gameplay, and includes English instructions. Made using FSC paper and soy inks.
How to Play:
To begin the game, you must first create the garden. Piece together the nine scene cards in any position you like. There are potential bonuses on each card, so think carefully about where you place the highest earners!
The first player rolls the two rubber tortoise pals onto the garden and checks the scorecard to see how many points they’ve won. For instance, landing on your shell side will earn more points than face-planting but landing on your back scores zero! Remember to check for bonuses on the card where you landed, too. Not happy with your score? You can re-roll twice per turn but remember: your score can decrease as well as increase. And if a tortoise misses the garden altogether, you score zero and cannot re-roll. When you’ve done all you can, record your total score for that round on the scorepad and pass the tortoises to the next player. The garden layout stays the same throughout the game. The first person to earn 500 points is the winner and is crowned Top Tortoise Tumbler!
Who's It For:
Perfect for friends, families, and lovers of tortoises.
What's Inside:
Two rubber tortoises, nine garden scene cards, and scorepad.