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Push, Pull, Empty, Full

Push, Pull, Empty, Full

Laurence King Publishing

Illustrated by Yasmeen Ismail


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Bear, Duck, and Rabbit take little artists on big adventures—in and out, up and down, left to right, and back again!

Yasmeen Ismail's simple, amusing line art helps children identify word meanings, look at things from a variety of perspectives, and get creative on every page.

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Age Range: 3 - 7 years
Format: Paperback
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781780679310
Draw & Discover is a new series of activity books introducing children to differences and opposites—up and down, inside and outside, happy and sad, and many more. The first activity books by celebrated children's author Yasmeen Ismail (creator of Specs for Rex and I'm a Girl!), this exciting and innovative series features a cast of charming characters and a range of creative activities, designed to get kids thinking, doodling, and drawing!