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Rad Rides

Rad Rides

The Best BMX Bikes of All Time

By Gavin Lucas


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BMX bikes are iconic. There’s something about them that appeals to kids, adults, cyclists, and more often than not those involved in visual creativity. And of course BMX has just become an Olympic sport. The Best BMX Bikes of All Time is the most in-depth exploration of the world of BMX bikes through their riders, and the culture that surrounds them. An extended introduction explains and contextualizes the birth of BMX culture and where BMX culture is now while the main body of the book contains a decade-by-decade catalogue of BMXs drawn from the best BMX collections in the world. Some of the bikes are well-worn through years of riding, others are beautiful, sculptural works of art, gleaming, built-but-never-ridden keepsakes. Each bike is featured with in-depth details of their specification and Q&As with their owners, who have had their bikes exclusively shot for the book.

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Publication: May 2012
ISBN: 9781856697262
ISBN10: 1856697266

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