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Real Life Romance

Real Life Romance

Everyday Wisdom on Love, Sex, and Relationships

By Leah Garchik


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The best advice often comes from the least likely places.

"I was going to wait until I got married to get a salad spinner." (Lettuce lover, downtown in city.)

"He's attractive, he's nice, and he has cows." (Young woman to another, in Texas.)

"I was looking for someone for just a really good time, but then I peeked at his iTunes playlist. He'd be serious baggage." (Music lover, in suburb with many Lexus drivers.)

"You're not ugly, but if you were smarter, you'd be hot." (Man attempting pickup, overheard by bartender.)

"What was kind of weird was you called to ask me if you could come by to pick up the Viagra, so you could have sex with someone else." (Young woman on cell phone, on bus.)

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Size: 5-3/4 x 5-3/4 in;
Pages: 192 pp;
125 color illustrations
Format: Hardcover
Publication: December 2007
ISBN: 9780811860253
ISBN10: 811860256
Leah Garchik has written a daily column for the San Francisco Chronicle since 1984. The quotes in Real Life Romance originally appeared in her award-winning column. She lives in San Francisco.