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ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials

ReFashioned: Cutting-Edge Clothing from Upcycled Materials

Laurence King

By Sass Brown


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The area of recycling and upcycling is a rich and
growing source of innovative design in the fashion and
accessories industries.
In a fast-fashion world of throw-away clothing, it is
the ultimate expression of the slow-fashion movement,
with each piece individually conceived and crafted
from scratch, using different materials each time.
ReFashioned features 46 international designers who
work with recycled materials and discarded garments,
reinvigorating them with new life and value. The result
is beautiful and desirable clothing and accessories that
also make an important statement to the fashion world
about its wasteful and exploitative practices.

• The only book to look at recycling and upcycling in the
fashion industry

• Illustrated with exciting fashion images showing stylish
upcycled clothing, plus behind-the-scenes shots of discarded
materials being reworked

• Shows designers what can be done with pre- and postconsumer
waste materials

• Features innovative designs from around the world

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Size: 9 3/4 x 8 1/4 in;
Pages: 208 pp;
300 color illustrations
Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2013
ISBN: 9781780673011
ISBN10: 1780673019
Sass Brown is the Assistant Dean of the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and the former Resident Director of its study abroad program in Florence, Italy. As a designer, researcher, writer, journalist and blogger, her area of expertise is eco fashion in all of its various expressions. She is the New York editor for Coco Eco Magazine and writes for a range of other magazines and websites. Her first book, Eco Fashion, was published by Laurence King in 2010.

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