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Seedlings: Frogs

Seedlings: Frogs

By Aaron Frisch


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Hello, bees and butterflies. Hello, cheetahs and eagles. Hello, ... fun! The popular Seedlings series from Creative Education now offers irresistible introductions to five more wild animals and three familiar insects. Written in a friendly voice, filled with dynamic photos, and featuring text crafted for the youngest of readers, these newest books touch upon the bodies, behaviors, habitats, and family relationships of living things. A wonderful introduction to an informational text format, put these irresistible titles on your shelves and plant the seeds of knowledge! This title is a kindergarten-level introduction to frogs, covering their growth process, behaviors, the waters they call home, andásuch defining physical features as their jumping legs.

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Format: Paperback
Publication: March 2015
ISBN: 9781628320428