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Seeing Science

Seeing Science

An Illustrated Guide to the Wonders of the Universe

By Iris Gottlieb


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Science is really beautiful. With original illustrations that deftly explain the strange-but-true world of science, Seeing Science offers a curated ride through the great mysteries of the universe. Artist and lay scientist Iris Gottlieb explains among other things: neap tides, naked mole rats, whale falls, the human heart, the Uncertainty Principle, the ten dimensions of string theory, and how glaciers are like Snickers bars. With quirky visual metaphors and concise factual explanations, she offers just the right amount of information to stoke the curious mind with a desire to know more about the life forces that animate both the smallest cell and the biggest black hole. Seeing Science illustrates, explicates, and celebrates the marvels of science as only art can.

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Pages: 152 pp;

Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2018
ISBN: 9781452167138
Iris Gottlieb is a freelance illustrator, author, and lay scientist. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.