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The Way of the Brilliant Flirt

By Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld


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Finally, an empowering dating guide for every woman who wants to have fun, express her opinions, and keep it real. No cheap tricks, no behavior changes, no nonsense. In Smitten, Ariel Kiley and Simone Kornfeld show women how to let their unique selves shine so they can become blissfully enlightened man-magnets. With tips on how to perfect the look of a flirt, build confidence, and let your true self emerge, Smitten teaches that being exactly who you are will get you what you want—whether it’s a smile across the room, a first date, or long-term love. Soon enough, women everywhere will be turning heads and causing men to become completely, absolutely, entirely, downright smitten.

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Size: 6 x 8 in;
Pages: 144 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: June 2013
ISBN: 9781452116754
ISBN10: 145211675X
Ariel Kiley is an actor turned yoga teacher. She lives in New York.
Simone Kornfeld lives in New York City and works full-time as a psychotherapist.

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