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So, You Want to Be Canadian

So, You Want to Be Canadian

All About the Most Fascinating People in the World and the Magical Place They Call Home

By Kerry Colburn,and Rob Sorensen


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So, you want to be Canadian? Who doesn't these days? Canucks are enjoying a major renaissance in attention, from their enlightened social policies to their wild and wooly pop culture. This playful, trivia-packed book is a long-overdue celebration of all things Canadian, from the mysteries of "eh?" to the difference between an Ogo Pogo and a Windingo to how to prepare moose stroganoff (mmm!). Featuring a dreamy list of Canadian hotties, a toe-tapping roundup of Canadian smash hit songs, a handy CanadianAmerican translator, and pointers on how to eat, dress, and apologize like a Canadian if you weren't lucky enough to be born a Canuck, So, You Want to Be Canadian demonstrates once and for all why Canada is so cool (formerly just cold).

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Size: 5 x 7 in;
Pages: 96 pp;
15 B/W illustrations
Format: Paperback
Publication: August 2004
ISBN: 9780811845359
ISBN10: 811845354
Kerry Colburn is the co-author of The Rebound Journal, My Fabulous Life and My Dysfunctional Life. She lives in San Francisco.

Rob Sorensen is originally from from Edmonton, Alberta, but now lives in San Francisco, where he left his heart.