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New Fashion Visionaries


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Stylists are some of the most influential people working within the fashion industry, responsible for the final shape of many exciting works in popular culture. Still unsung heroes, they are now becoming increasingly more well known in their own right, alongside the photographers, art directors, and magazine editors of the industry. The book will cover styling for commercial ad campaigns, for fashion editorial as well as inside the business of retail itself, looking at the hugely successful brands and designers for whom the ‘super stylists’ consult. The book will showcase not only the work of the most talented stylists working globally but also the crucial partnerships and collaborations which have spawned much of the current creative landscape as we know it. Featuring stunning imagery and entertaining interviews with some of the biggest names in the field, Stylists: New Creative Visionaries is an essential book for any aspiring stylist or fashion student.

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Publication: February 2012
ISBN: 9781856698290
ISBN10: 1856698297