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Super Spiralized

Super Spiralized

By Vania Nikolcic, By Orathay Souksisavanh


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Get the most out of your spiralizer with over 30 exciting recipes.

Vegetable noodles and spaghetti are a great substitution for heavy carbs such as pasta and rice, and make for a much healthier diet. But now and again, it's nice to balance out these lighter meals with a treat. In Super Spiralized, authors Orathay and Vania show you how you can use your spiralizer, mandoline slicer, or even just a vegetable peeler to produce creative, delicious meals—some low-carb, some that are just plain tasty.

There are speedy meals, like a zucchini, feta, and mint frittata, which are great if you're in a hurry. For something low-carb and light, try the rice-paper rolls, and the grilled vegetable salad.

Other recipes are purely indulgent, and will show you that you don't have to just make vegetable noodles and spaghetti with your spiralizer. Try some julienned vegetable tempura, a butternut squash and filo tart and steak frites revisited.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2017
ISBN: 9781784881023
Vania Nikolcic and Orathay Souksisavanh are both passionate about cookery. Orathay has studied cookery in France and has worked with many chefs. She's as demanding in the kitchen as she is greedy! Vania is a graphic designer who loves food.