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Tatouage: Wild

Tatouage: Wild

108 Temporary Tattoos of Wild Animals and 21 Art-Print Keepsakes (Magma for Laurence King)

Laurence King Publishing

By Lucille Clerc


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Adorn your skin with these beautiful tattoos inspired by the animal kingdom. With over 100 designs, from birds, beetles, and butterflies to seahorses and ladybirds, Tatouage: Wild also includes 21 art-print keepsakes.

A mix of colorful designs in a variety of sizes and shapes, makes these tattoos suitable for different parts of the body. There is also a book of quality art prints to use for animal identification, as art-print keepsakes, or as a flash sheet to inspire further tattoos.

Each tattoo is non-toxic and transfers easily, leaving a vibrant design that will last a few days. When it begins to fade, it can be removed easily with baby oil.

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Format: Misc Novelty
Publication: April 2017
ISBN: 9781780679396

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