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The Fart Tootorial

The Fart Tootorial

Farting Fundamentals, Master Blaster Techniques, and the Complete Toot Taxonomy

By Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo


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From the authors of The Book of Beer Pong and The Book of Beer Awesomeness, this
illuminating and hilarious volume features everything a person could ever wish to know
(and more!) about everyone’s favorite bodily function. It’s loaded with interesting information,
from the history of farts to different types of flatulence (“Much like a fingerprint,
no two farts sound—or smell—alike”). Also featuring the best fart techniques, defenses,
and pranks, The Fart Tootorial will make any reader a master of the gas we pass.

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Size: 4 1/2 x 6 in;
Pages: 120 pp;
2-color images throughout
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2013
ISBN: 9781452105024
ISBN10: 1452105022
Ben Applebaum, co-founder of, is an advertising creative director. He writes of awesomeness from his home in Connecticut.
Dan DiSorbo, co-founder of, is a principal at PB&J Design, Inc. He lives in Connecticut.

Media Reviews

“You don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts, but you have to be stupid not to.”
—Louis C.K.

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