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The Fast Days Cookbook

The Fast Days Cookbook

By Laura Herring


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Quick and easy recipes to help you enjoy your fast days.

In The Fast Days Cookbook, food writer Laura Herring shows you how you can avoid entering the hanger zone on your fast days by helping you plan what to eat and when. Fast days do not have to be a punishment; it is about being clever with ingredients and focusing on flavors that give you a maximum satisfaction for the fewest calories. Eating fewer calories should mean you savor each one - not replace them with tasteless options. With 60 delicious, quick, and easy recipes ranging from 50 to 450 calories, the meals in ths book can actually be enjoyed any day - fast or feast! Taking you from Breakfast to Lunch and Dinner, you'll also find recipes for low-cal snacks, sweet treats, and even toppings and dressings. You can mix-and-match the meals in the book to suit you and your lifestyle, and there are plenty of make-fresh and pack-up ideas to stash in your bag and take to work. And who says you have to eat alone on your fast days? Most of the dishes in this book can also be eaten as part of a family meal. complete with menu plans, batch cooking ideas, and time-saving tips and tricks, The Fast Days Cookbook shows you how the fast diet can become a seamless part of your lifestyle. You eat the same delicious food, just less of it.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: February 2017
ISBN: 9781784880781
Laura Herring is a food stylist and recipe writer.