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The Fox Wish

The Fox Wish

By Kimiko Aman, Illustrations by Komako Sakai


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This charming story follows two children who go looking for their jump rope and discover that a group of foxes have claimed it as an answer to their wish. With beautiful, classic illustrations and lyrical text, here is a subtle, sensitive piece of magic that proves to sisters, brothers, and foxes alike that the trusted familiar often lives right next to the truly extraordinary—if only you have the eyes to see it.

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Size: 9 x 9 in;
Pages: 32 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2017
ISBN: 9781452151885
Komako Sakai has illustrated numerous award-winning books for children, many of which have been published in the United States, including Emily's Balloon. Her illustrations have garnered such awards as the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava Golden Apple and the Nati per Leggere. She lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Kimiko Aman is one of Japan's leading children's book authors and her gentle fantasy tales are loved by all generations. Her books have won awards such as the Noma Children's Literature Award, the Shogakukan Literature Award, and—for this book—the Japan Picture Book Award. She lives in Kyoto, Japan.