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The Genie in the Book

The Genie in the Book

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By Cindy Trumbore,with decorations by R.W. Alley


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Having your deepest wish granted isn't easy!
First the bad news: Ten-year-old Will Parrish knows that he's in for a bummer of a summer -- his parents can't join him and his little sister Maddy on their annual visit to Grandma's at the beach, Grandma has a broken ankle, and Jerome, Will's incorrigible cousin, is spoiling for trouble -- for which Will is often blamed. The good news: Will is staying in his mother's old room, which is filled with her childhood books. Leafing through The Arabian Nights, Will inadvertently releases a kindly genie who insists upon granting Will's deepest wish. But -- what is Will's greatest wish?
A delightfully freewheeling fantasy, Will's adventures are inspired by such well-known and well-loved classics as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Treasure Island, and the books of Edward Eager. In Cindy Trumbore's appealing first novel, young readers, along with Will, Maddy, and Jerome, have a summer as exciting as any they have ever read about!

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Size: 5-1/4 x 8-1/4 in;
Pages: 120 pp;
B/W chapter illustrations, ages 7-11
Format: Hardcover
Publication: November 2004
ISBN: 9781593540425
ISBN10: 1593540426
Cindy Trumbore is an editor and author of classroom materials in reading and language arts for children. While she has written several books of nonfiction for the classroom, The Genie in the Book is her first work of fiction for children. She was born in Massachusetts and grew up spending summers at the beach, but she never met a genie there! She and her family live in Chatham, New Jersey.

R.W. Alley says he now spends his days exactly as he did when he was ten years old -- telling stories and drawing pictures. He conducts these activities from his home in Barrington, Rhode Island, where he lives with his family.