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Moleskine® The Hand of the Graphic Designer

Moleskine® The Hand of the Graphic Designer


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A 272-page book collecting 367 pieces donated to FAI by 108 international
graphic designers such as Glazer, Godard, Lamarche, Guarnaccia, House
Industries, Lupi, Steiner and more, offering a sample of the current state of
graphic design and an array of signifi cant examples of the art of designing
letters, words, signs and images.

The edition contains a
272-page book, printed on
ivory colored paper and a
120-page drawing book.
The book is thread-sewn
bound, mounted with red
covering material and
red elastic band.

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Pages: 272 pages pp;
Publication: August 2011
ISBN: 9788866130000
ISBN10: 8866130001