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The Life & Love of Trees

The Life & Love of Trees

Text by Lewis Blackwell


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Trees are vitalwithout them we simply wouldn't be here. Not only essential, they have been an inspiration throughout our history. In breathtaking photographs and stories we are taken on a journey from the boreal forest at the edge of the Arctic to the rainforests girdling the planet; from ancient bristlecones to fresh-leaved seedlings; from the charming and familiar to the scary and rare. An elegantly written and highly accessible text is complemented by an extraordinary collection of images created by some of the world's leading nature photographers.

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Size: 12 x 12 in;
Pages: 200 pp;
150 full-color photographs throughout
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2013
ISBN: 9781452186399
Lewis Blackwell is recognized as a leader in creative and photographic practice. For almost a decade he led the creative development of the worlds largest photo agency, Getty Images, and previously he was widely regarded as a trend watcher and innovator with his work as editor/publisher of the prestigious title Creative Review. He is a visiting professor at the School of Creative Leadership at Steinbeis University, Berlin.

His books are considered some of the most critically acclaimed and bestselling in the creative field worldwide, and include The End of Print, Soon: The Future Culture of Brands, and Twentieth-Century Type.

Increasingly, Lewis's work has focused on environmental issues. In summer 2008, his exhibition "Nature/Nurture" was one of the highlights of the prestigious Shanghai International Photography Biennale. Through stunning imagery and provocative text, it tackled the sensitive subject of the authentic and artificial in environmental management, and extended upon a related exhibition, "La vraie nature de la ville," which Lewis curated for Colette, the famous fashion store and gallery in Paris.

A past judge and adviser to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, Lewis has worked closely with leading wildlife landscape and nature photographers internationally, and he has been to the fore in driving a more conceptual and emotional approach in environmental photography. He led the development of the specialist visual research paper "The MAP Report" at Getty Images, which recently garnered wide recognition for its study "AspEn," an analysis of the growing green media culture of "aspirational environmentalism."

Personally committed to environmental issues, Lewis is working on a water-conservation and reforestation project, Cerro Futura, which will explore new ideas in agricultural land use.