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The Planets

The Planets

Photographs from the Archives of NASA

By Nirmala Nataraj, Photographs by NASA, Preface by Bill Nye


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This magnificent volume offers a rich visual tour of the planets in our solar system. More than 200 breathtaking photographs from the archives of NASA are paired with extended captions detailing the science behind some of our cosmic neighborhood's most extraordinary phenomena. Images of newly discovered areas of Jupiter, fiery volcanoes on Venus, and many more reveal the astronomical marvels of space in engrossing detail. Anyone with an interest in science, astronomy, and the mysteries of the universe will delight in this awe-inspiring guide to the wonders of the solar system.

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Size: 9 x 9 in;
Pages: 256 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: November 2017
ISBN: 9781452159362
Nirmala Nataraj is a New York–based writer and the author of Earth and Space.

Bill Nye is a scientist, engineer, inventor, and performer best known as Bill Nye the Science Guy. He lives in Los Angeles.

Media Reviews

“Nirmala Nataraj returns with another gorgeous photographic tour of space, this time featuring 200 sharp photos of planets, moons, and comets in our solar system, collected from over 40 years’ worth of material housed in NASA’s archives…. The collection is a remarkable reminder of how much has been learned about the planets over the past few decades, solving many mysteries yet introducing many more.” —Publishers Weekly

"The Planets is a universe of awesome.” —

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