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The Produce Companion

The Produce Companion

From Balconies to Backyards--the Complete Guide to Growing, Pickling and Preserving

By Meredith Kirton, By Mandy Sinclair


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Great produce need never go to waste with this beautifully crafted gardening and recipe book that looks back to the classic skills of pickling and preserving. The Produce Companion showcases two sections - part one covers producing, growing and storing fruit, vegetables and herbs; the second part showcases over 100 recipes on what to do with an abundance of produce in the kitchen.

The gardening component, written by influential and well-respected horticulturist Meredith Kirton, includes comprehensive notes on cultivation, choice of varieties to extend seasons, the best time to pick, methods of harvesting, and how to best keep produce. The cooking section by food writer Mandy Sinclair, contains more than 100 recipes, covering drinks and syrups, sauces and salsas, pickles and chutneys, pastes and pestos, vinegars and salt, jams and jellies, and confit and preserves. Wake up to rhubarb and lemon compote in the mornings, spice up your sandwich with Moroccan lime pickle or roasted apricot and cinnamon butter or enjoy peaches all year long with preserved peaches with passionfruit.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: September 2015
ISBN: 9781742709192