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The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit

By Margery Williams,Illustrated by Monique Felix


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Whether made of wood, metal, or cloth, all toys have dreams. They long to be admired, played with, and loved. But most of all, they yearn to become real. In this softcover edition of Margery Williams Bianco's The Velveteen Rabbit, the warm-toned illustrations of award-winning artist Monique Felix give life to a classic story of childhood wonder.

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Format: Paperback
Publication: August 2013
ISBN: 9780898128314
English-American author Margery Williams Bianco was born in London in 1881. The Velveteen Rabbit, published in 1922, established her as a writer of renown. Following its success, she wrote more children's books --frequently returning readers to the world of nursery toys -- as well as novels for young adults. She died in 1944.

Monique Felix is a renowned Swiss artist and author who studied graphic arts at L'Ecole des Arts Appliqués in Lausanne. She has since illustrated more than 40 acclaimed children's books,Including Creative Editions' The Rumor, The Velveteen Rabbit, and Tuba Lessons. Among her many honors is the Octogone Prize from the International Center of Children's Literature in France.