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The Wonderful World of Pascal the Very Brave

The Wonderful World of Pascal the Very Brave

By Magali Le Huche


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Pascal, the Very Brave Platypus, lives in a most incredible town with his most incredible friends. There's everyone from Fancy the roller-skating turtle, to Zelda the frog with the underwater trampoline and Ringo, the motor-cycle wearing bear who is the madcap inventor of the Piggy Bouncer. There are silly carrot recipes, a collections of chewed-up gum, an ant-powered toilet and ever-so-much more crammed onto spreads and spreads of hilariously detailed drawings, maps, illustrations and more . . . everything guaranteed to have Pascal fans poring over for hours and hours . . . and roaring with laughter.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2015
ISBN: 9791027600779
Magali Le Huche studied decorative arts in Strasbourg, France, before she discovered illustrating children's books in Claude Lapointe's illustration program. Since then she has published many children's books and her work can be seen in children's magazines.
She lives in Paris, France.

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