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The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest

The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest

You Decide How to Survive!

By David Borgenicht,with David Morton,Illustrated by Yancey Labat


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An interactive adventure like no other! On this epic climb up Mount Everest, readers are part of the youngest team ever to climb the world's tallest peak. Only YOU can make the right choice about your own survival and then experience the consequences of those choices. Will you summit Mount Everest and return to base camp safely? Will you be forced to turn back earlyor worse? Only you can determine your own fate! Highly illustrated in comic book style, and based on real, true-life facts about mountain climbing, Mount Everest, and Himalayan culture, this book will be a surefire hit with anyone craving adventure and a fun, visual reading experience.

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Size: 5 x 7 in;
Pages: 208 pp;
2-color images throughout, ages 8-12: Guided Reading Level: V
Format: Hardcover
Publication: March 2011
ISBN: 9780811871235
ISBN10: 811871231
David Borgenicht is a writer, editor, publisher, and co-author of all the books in the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook series. He lives in Philadelphia.

David Morton advised the author about mountain climbing from the base camp of Mount Everest. He has summited it five times! He lives in Seattle, Washington.

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