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Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design

Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design

A New Wave of Creativity

Laurence King

By Charlotte Fiell, By Peter Fiell, With Qu Zheng


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This is the first definitive book on contemporary Chinese furniture, introducing the work of leading designers and design studios, including Chen Darui, Jerry Chen, Frank Chou, Hou Zheng-Guang, Hong Wei, Ma Yansong, Neri & Hu, Shao Fan, Shang Xia, Song Tao, Studio MVW, Xiao Tianyu, and Zhang Zhoujie. It explains how the 'New Wave' of Chinese furniture designers are looking back to their cultural roots and revitalizing traditional forms, materials, and techniques in order to produce interesting and exciting contemporary furniture.

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Format: Hardcover
Publication: October 2019
ISBN: 9781786274922
Charlotte and Peter Fiell are the authors of over 50 books on design and the visual arts, including Scandinavian Design, The Story of Design, Designing the 21st Century, and the bestselling 1000 Chairs.

Zheng Qu is an architect who worked at one of the UK's leading architectural practices, BDP, where he set up the firm's Shanghai office in 2010. He founded the China Design Centre in London in 2013.