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Making It, Third edition

Making It, Third edition

Laurence King Publishing

By Chris Lefteri


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A product can be manufactured in many ways, but most designers know a handful of techniques only. With specially commissioned diagrams, case studies, and photographs of the manufacturing process, Making It uses contemporary design as a vehicle to describe production processes. This new edition evaluates each process in terms of sustainability and its effects on the environment.

Making It appeals to product designers and interior designers, furniture and graphic designers who need access to a range of production methods, as well as to all students of design. The expanded edition includes six new processes and a new section on joining.

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Pages: 312 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: February 2019
ISBN: 9781786273284
Chris Lefteri is an accomplished designer and internationally recognized authority on materials and their application in design. He studied under Professor Daniel Weil at the Royal College of Art, London. Chris Lefteri Design Ltd has three offices in London, Seoul, and Singapore, specializing in connecting materials with the design industry.