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Get Creative with Photography

Laurence King Publishing

By Natalia Price-Cabrera


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If you want to inject more excitement into your photography than just applying a filter in an app, this book is for you. It will inspire you to take your photos further, with ideas aimed at all levels of ability. Easy techniques like shooting through your sunglasses evolve to more advanced ideas like creating sun prints or distorting your images with the contents of your kitchen cupboard. The techniques are concisely explained through great examples of creative photography, making this an ideal book for anyone wanting to take their photos to another level.

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Pages: 144 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: May 2019
ISBN: 9781786274076
Natalia Price-Cabrera has a particular interest in photography, interior styling, and pattern design, and regularly posts on Instagram under the moniker maximalist_girl. She is the author of two books, The Wallpaper Coloring Book and Handmade Lampshades.