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Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers

Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers

Portraits of 50 Famous Folks & All Their Weird Stuff

By James Gulliver Hancock


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This cultural who’s-who illuminates 50 famous figures, from Leonardo da Vinci to Coco Chanel, through the fascinating trivia of their lives. Artist James Gulliver Hancock depicts historical icons in quirky annotated portraits surrounded by their associated possessions, baggage, and foibles. Hemingway’s hobbies, Amelia Earhart’s preferred dessert, Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite TV show—each portrait reveals the ordinary quirks of these extraordinary people and captures their personalities in the process. An exquisitely illustrated almanac and cultural literacy cheat sheet, this fun and informative collection offers both history buffs and art lovers a treasure trove of interesting facts about beloved artists, writers, thinkers, and dreamers.

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Size: 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 in;
Pages: 112 pp;
Format: Paperback
Publication: May 2014
ISBN: 9781452114569
James Gulliver Hancock is an artist and illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York, and Sydney, Australia.