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Touch and Explore: Bugs

Touch and Explore: Bugs

Twirl Books

By Stephanie Babin, Illustrated by Hélène Convert


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The silky wings of a butterfly, the smooth back of a flower beetle, and the squishy skin of an earthworm—there's so much to discover in this Touch and Explore™ book about little creatures who fly, wriggle, and crawl! Touch and Explore™ is a multisensory series created to encourage hands-on play and learning. Children will enjoy vehicle fun and facts at the tip of their fingers!

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Pages: 16 pp;
Format: Hardcover
Publication: August 2018
ISBN: 9782408004330
Stéphanie Babin is an author of books for young children, particularly nonfiction and interactive titles. She lives in Paris, France.

Hélène Convert has illustrated numerous children's books. She lives in Paris.

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