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Cat Gurus

Cat Gurus

Wisdom from the World's Most Celebrated Felines

Laurence King Publishing

Illustrated by Mister Peebles


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Be guided and inspired by the world's favourite felines with this fabulous set of advice cards.

Money problems? Consult Blackie the millionaire cat. Having a bad day? Ask the Cheshire Cat how he stays smiling. Lacking courage? Be inspired by Felicette, the first cat in space. Simply select a card from the pack, follow the advice inspired by the cat's personal philosophy and any obstacle will become surmountable.

Contains 50 advice cards plus a booklet featuring the cats' biographies and details of how to use the cards.

More Details

Pages: 50 pp;
Format: Deck
Publication: November 2018
ISBN: 9781786272577
Mister Peebles (AKA Helen McGinley) is a London-based illustrator specializing in cats and other animals.